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Kahevahel is an estonian unique online store brand, which offers both casual and streetwear style clothing.

Founded by Estonian designer Kevin Lehtla, Kahevahel was a long time dream made into reality after countless years of graphic design experience, planning and collection of inspiration troughout the time. The goal with Kahevahel was to hand-make custom designs appealing mainly to the Estonian audience but also be something that provides pieces for international customers as well – because we love each one of you no matter where you are.

Designed in Estonia and for the production used different partners troughout the world. Kahevahel is not made only for local clients but everyone who likes what we offer here. For the main part Kahevahel uses POD ( Print on Demand) service which allows us to have a controlled quality and fast shipping rates, but the downside being that there are limited variations of clothing cuts.

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Chaotic, universal and always unique

We believe in that great things don’t happen overnight, which means that with each purchase and your support our brand grows. Grows to be better every day and allows us to offer better quality clothing pieces and even different cuts. We value feedback greatly and suggest everyone to do so if they feel the need. We belive that fashion should be quality, inspiring, unique and affordable.

Where lies our uniqueness? Our pieces are unique because each one of our designs are hand-crafted by the founder and made into reality with thoughts behind them. In our product range everyone can find at least one piece that speaks to them regardless of the age, gender, sex or location.

Visit product – Sa paistad veits tihane t-shirt

Visit product -Ole karurahulik t-shirt

Visit product – Üldse ei tuvita hoodie

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