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Peace & Conflict

Peace & Conflict is Kahevahel’s first collection which talks about how as the society we are constantly in war with each other and we strive to resolve it to make peace. We have not seen typical setting of wars for few decades now as we have used to see from our study books or from movies. Our wars have moved and are happening in the digital world of social media. Being in each other throaths all the time for reasons of maybe not wearing a mask or others not understanding why we don’t value other peoples wellbeing. Why is there so much racism or sexism, while we could just accept everyone as they are born into this world. Be what they are, who they are, no matter their skin color, their race, sex, gender or anything else. What is important is that they intentions in this world are good.

This collections idea is to show everyone that we all know these two sides exist – Peace and Conflict but we have no intentions of being hurtful to eachother for our different values or ideology.

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